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Brown There are currently no concentration offered in Asian American Studies at Brown University.If you are interested in Asian American Studies, you may concentrate one of the following related fields:1)      Ethnic Studies with an Asian American focus

2)      American Studies with an Asian American focus

3)      Independent Concentration

Spring 2013

  • AMST0191M The Vietnam War and Visual Culture, Crystal Ngo
  • AMST0191N Beyond Entrepreneurs, Adoptees, and G.I. Wives: Korean American Experiences, Jin Suk Bae
  • AMST1904J The Asian American Movement: Communities, Politics and Culture, Robert G. Lee
  • ENGL2760Y American Orientalism and Asian American Literary Criticism, Daniel Kim
  • ENGL0800I Global South Asia, Madhumita Lahiri

With a large number of related courses

Pretty strong program. Robert Lee, Associate Professor and Chair of American StudiesNaoko Shibusawa, Associate Professor of American Studies and HistoryWanni Anderson, Adjunct Professor of Anthropology

Evelyn Hu-Dehart, Professor of Ethnic Studies and History

Daniel Kim, Associate Professor of English and Ethnic Studies

Eng-Beng Lim, Assistant Professor of Theater Arts Performance Studies

Columbia Gary Okihiro started the AAS program in Fall 19992000, the program was incorporated into Columbia’s Center for Study of Race and Ethnicity (CSRE)From 2000 to 2010, Asian American Studies existed as a major and a minor. The last graduate was in 2012. Now CRSE only offers a major in Ethnicity and Race Studies, but one can specialize in Asian American Studies. 1. CSER W3900x Seminar in Asian American Studies2. CSER W3901y SEX, DRUGS AND WOMEN OF COLOR3. CSER W3905x ASIAN AMERICAS AND THE PSYCHOLOGY OF RACE

4. CSER W3922x Asian American Cinema


6. CSER W3927y Asian American Racialization

7. CSER W3940y Comparative Study of Constitutional Challenges Affecting African, Latino and Asian American Communities

8. BC3136 Asian American Women’s Literature

Outstanding historian, Mae Ngai, History Dept.Not as much support as an “official program” would suggest
  • Gary Okihiro, International and Public Affairs
  • Eric Gamalinda, Center for Study of Race and Ethnicity
  • Shinhee Han, Psychotherapist, Psychology
  • Nathalie Handal, Arab Poet, Playwright
  • Sel J Hwahng, Public Health, Researcher LGBTQ Related Issues
Cornell 1987, the Asian American Studies Program at Cornell was the first of its kind within the Ivy League.Gary Okihiro directed program in 1990 (where he moved to Columbia to start the program)Cornell’s College of Arts and Sciences offers an undergraduate minor in Asian American Studies. AAS 1100 – Introduction to Asian American StudiesAAS 2010 – Race, Gender, and the Internet (crosslisted)AAS 2041 – [Asian American Communities] (crosslisted)

AAS 2100 – South Asian Diaspora (crosslisted)

AAS 2130 – Introduction to Asian American History (crosslisted)

AAS 2620 – Introduction to Asian American Literature (crosslisted)

AAS 3030 – Asians in the Americas: A Comparative Perspective (crosslisted)

AAS 3470 – [Asian American Women’s History] (crosslisted)

AAS 4310 – Mind, Self, and Emotion (crosslisted)

AAS 4530 – [Twentieth Century Women Writers of Color in the Americas] (crosslisted)

AAS 4550 – Race and the University (crosslisted)

AAS 4790 – Ethnicity and Identity Politics: An Anthropological Perspective (crosslisted)

AAS 4950 – Independent Study

AAS 4970 – [Jim Crow and Exclusion-Era America] (crosslisted)

AAS 7479 – Ethnicity and Identity Politics: An Anthropological Perspective (crosslisted)

Very strong program.Asian American Studies Resource Center, located in 420 Rockefeller Hall, provides meeting space for the more than 50 undergraduate student organizations of the Cornell Asian Pacific Student Union and the Society for Asian American Graduate Affairs. It also holds a modest print collection of books, periodicals, and newspapers; a current news clipping file; a comprehensive database of publications on Asian Americans since 1977; and a sizable collection of videotapes as well as music CDs on the Asian American experience. Viranjini Munasinghe, AnthropologyDerek Chang, HistoryShelley Wong, English

Minh-Ha Pham, History of Art and Visual Studies

Dartmouth The Asian American Studies Program at Dartmouth was established as a result of a student led initiative in the late 90s. The program officially began in 2006.There is difficulty maintaining Asian American course offerings due to lack of interest in coursesNo major or minor is available for undergraduate or graduates. Seniors have the option of working with tenured faculty in Sociology, English, or history if their thesis focuses on AAS.

Seniors have the option of working with tenured faculty in Sociology, English, or history if their thesis focuses on AAS. Dartmouth also offers a program called Transnational Asian/Asian Workgroup for its faculty. This working group seeks to convene faculty interested in developing a scholarly conversation about “Asia” and “America.”

  • working group seeks to convene faculty interested in developing a scholarly conversation about “Asia” and “America.”
Fall 2011

  • · HIST 33 (10) Asian America in the Twentieth Century [SOC, W] Professor: Kim

Winter 2012

  • · HIST 6 (10) Gender and Sexuality: Asians in America [SOC, W] Professor: Kim
  • · ENGL 44 Asian American Literature & Culture [LIT, WCult, CI] Professor: Bahng

Spring 2012

  • · ENGL 67: Asian/Americans in Transnational Contexts Professor: Bahng
Weak programAsian Studies Center (mainly for language) Aimee S. Bahng, English (sabbatical in 2012-13)Jean J. Kim, HistoryWoon-Ping Chin, Visiting Professors in English
Harvard Ethnic Studies Committee was established in 1988, and its status as a Secondary Field (minor) was approved in 2009.Harvard does not have an independent Asian American Studies program, but students can focus on AAS within Ethnic Studies Secondary Field, or minor. ENGL181a Asian American Literature Also very weak Ju Yon Kim, Assistant Professor of English and Ethnic Studies
Yale Ethnicity, Race, and Migration major…maybe can concentrate? More a combination of Asia, American Asia and Middle EastIn consultation with the director of undergraduate studies, each student defines an area of concentration consisting of five term courses, not including the senior essay or project. Advanced work in the foreign language related to a student’s area of concentration is advised.”Once the Cultural Center was in place, subgroups flourished in the Asian American community at Yale, or maybe they were more visible because the Center brought them together.” – Martha Chavez, unofficial advisor for Asian American students in the late 1970s Fall2012:

  • ER&M 304 01 / CHNS 251 / HIST 308 / HUMS 448 / LiTR 265 China in the World
  • ER&M 323 / AMST 322 / WGSS 371 Gender Family & Identity: Asia & US
  • HIST 310J Visualizing Asia
  • AMST 301 / ENGL 299 / FILM 311 East Asia in U.S. Lit & Film
  • ANTH 221 / MMES 411 Middle East Society & Culture
  • ER&M 200 Intro To Ethnicity Race & Migration
  • ER&M 283 / SOCY 183 Urban America
  • AFAM 327 / AMST 373 / ENGL 339 / ER&M 399 / WGSS 336 American Literary Nationalisms
  • AMST 768 / HIST 768 Asian American History & Historiography
Yale has a student “Task Force” that has been pushing for greater Asian American professorship and course offerings since 2007.The Asian American Culture Center holds “Asian American Studies,” which coordinates speakers and lectures about AAS as a part of an enrichment program.-          Peer liaisons

Today the AACC continues to support and provide space for the activities of its over 40 affiliated Asian and Asian American groups on Yale’s campus. The AACC, however, also provides its own programming on issues relevant to Asian and Asian American life to the general Yale community during the academic year, through talks, performances, movie nights, and social events.

Mary Lui, American Studies and History
UPenn 10 years old, AAS minorA small group of graduate students are also funded by the program to organize AAS-related events/speakers.5 core faculty, 3 adjunct faculty, 12+ affiliated faculty

“The ASAM program of studies introduces students to the methods and concerns of a wide spectrum of disciplines: anthropology and ethnography, economics, folklore, history and art history, law, linguistics and communications, literature, sociology and demography, political science, and urban studies, as well as to creative and expository writing.”

Fall 2012:1. ASAM 001 Asian Americans in Contemporary Society2. ASAM 002 Introduction to Asian American Literature

3. ASAM 006 Race & Ethnic Relations

4. ASAM 160 South Asians in the US

5. ASAM 201 Ethnic Economies & Globalization

6. ASAM 294 Facing America

Spring 2013:

1. ASAM-003 Intro to Asian American History

2. ASAM-170 Psychology of Asian Americans

3. ASAM-201-401 Immigrant Urban Labor

4. ASAM-201-601 Asian American Pop Culture

5. ASAM-202 War and Asian America

6. ASAM-203 Japanese American Internment

7. ASAM-205 Asian American Communities

Very strong program
  • Grace Kao, Sociology, Education, and Asian American Studies
  • Josephine Park, English and Asian American Studies, Director of Asian American Studies
  • David Eng, English
  • Eiichiro Azuma, History
Princeton Princeton University does not have an established Asian American Studies department or program. Their Asian American Studies coursework is also limited to one or two courses per semester within the American Studies department. There is no Ethnic Studies program or Asian American Studies track within American Studies. Fall 2012:

  • ENG224/AAS224 – Asian American Law and Bodies

Spring 2013:

  • AMS101: America then and now
Little to no recognition. Anne Cheng, English and African American Studies

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