Asian American Studies in The Prince

Below are various Daily Princetonian articles covering the drive for Asian American Studies at Princeton over recent years. They are listed in reverse chronological order.


  • An article announcing the hiring of Beth Lew-Williams, Princeton’s first professor in Asian American history. (Link)


  • A profile of Prof. Franklin Odo ’61, *75 that looks at his history as part of the movement for Asian American Studies, and how that history has intersected with Princeton. (Link)
  • Shruthi Deivasigamani ’16 wrote an opinion in agreement with Chris Lu ’88 after Lu said at Reunions that Princeton is in dire need of an Asian American Studies program. (Link)
  • An article that provides an overview of the report we submitted to the administration providing background for and advocating the creation of a program in Asian American Studies. (Link)
  • An editorial by The Daily Princetonian spelling out the paper’s support of the drive for Asian American Studies. (Link)
  • An article detailing our meeting with the University Board of Trustees’ ad-hoc Diversity Committee. (Link)
  • An editorial by Spencer Shen ’16 questioning the existence of independent Ethnic Studies programs and questioning the idea of creating an Asian American Studies program. (Link)
  • And a response written by Linda Zhong ’15, the current AASA co-president, defending the existence of independent Ethnic Studies programs. (Link)


  • An article announcing the creation of the “Asian American Literature and Culture” class taught by Prof. Anne Cheng ’85 and District Court Judge Denny Chin ’75 in the Fall of 2012. The course focused on the intersection of Asian American law and culture. (Link)


  • An article discussing the beginning of the Asian American Studies Committee of AASA. Led by Tara Naoko Ohrtman ’13 and Charles Du ’13, the Committee has led to our activism today. (Link)


  • An article reviewing the alumni side of the effort. Included in this interview are discussions with leading alumni activists and a look at the then-emerging Latino Studies program. (Link)


  • An article showing the frustration of members of AASA and the Chicano Caucus with the lack of progress there had been at Princeton in Asian American and Latino Studies since the 1995 sit-in at Nassau Hall. (Link)


  • An article reflecting upon and assessing the impact of the 1995 sit-in in Nassau Hall. (Link)


  • Editorials discussing the anniversary of the previous year’s sit-in in Nassau Hall. (Link)


  • An article from the end of the 1994-1995 academic year recapping the events of the Nassau Hall sit-in. (Link)
  • An article about charges brought against the 17 sit-in protesters to the Judicial Committee. (Link)
  • A letter to the Prince by late East Asian Studies professor Richard Okada concerning the Nassau Hall sit-in. (Link)
  • A letter to the Prince supporting the sit-in demonstrators. (Link)
  • An article describing differing claims on the actual agreement made between Nassau Hall sit-in demonstrators and University administrators. (Link)
  • Letters to the Prince from Provost Stephen M. Goldfield, several sit-in demonstrators, and other University students reacting to the sit-in and its conclusion. (Link)
  • A photo collection depicting scenes from the Nassau Hall sit-in. (Link)
  • An article about differing interpretations of concessions following the Nassau Hall sit-in between University administrators and the sit-in group. (Link)
  • An article describing the critics of the Nassau Hall sit-in group. (Link)
  • A further letter that was written by members of the group that staged the sit-in at Nassau Hall where they explain their reasons for protesting. (Link)
  • A letter to the Prince after the sit-in critical to the University’s response to the demand for ethnic studies programs. (Link)
  • The front-page article from The Prince about the sit-in at Nassau Hall for Asian American Studies that was staged in April, 1995. (Link)
  • Articles about meetings with AASA and then-Dean of the College Nancy Malkiel concerning the development of Asian American Studies courses. (Link) (Link)
  • An article on AASA’s lobbying efforts and the push to develop Asian American Studies courses following a 1994 report by the Committee on Diversity and Liberal Education. (Link)


  • An editorial urging for the creation of an ethnic studies department at Princeton. (Link)
  • An interview with UC Berkeley professor Ronald Takaki on the need for ethnic studies curricula in American higher education. (Link)
  • An article about a lecture given by UC Berkeley professor Ronald Takaki criticizing the binary view of race relations in America. (Link)

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