Art Collections

The Princeton University Art Museum has pieces of work by Asian American artists and photographers. Thanks to the curators at the museum and Prof. Anne Cheng, we have a list of these pieces for your use! We think that these pieces could be great resources for anyone researching Asian American issues, or for anyone who happens to be interested.The list is provided below.

Note: We define the term Asian American here rather broadly. As such, American artists of Asian decent, Asian-born artists who have worked in America at some point in their career, representations of Asian people by non-Asian artists and Asian-born artists of Caucasian decent are all included in the list.

In addition, the P.Y. and Kinmay M. Tang Center for East Asian Art is another great resource to be aware of. The center is associated with the University Art Museum and so pieces of Asian American Art from the Center are included in the list below. But, the center also hosts lectures, symposia, and workshops that relate to Asian and occasionally Asian American issues. Be sure to check it out!

University Asian American art pieces

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