Record Number of Asian American Studies Courses Offered in Spring 2015 Semester

November 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

Courses for spring 2015 have been out for a while. As you are looking around the registrar, check our Princeton’s record THREE Asian American studies courses, which can help you fulfill an HA, SA, or LA. They are:

HIS 270/AMS 370Asian American History (HA) with Beth Lew-Williams, who is Princeton’s new Asian American studies professor! (More information below).

AAS 223Literature, Food, and the American Racial Diet (LA) with Anne Cheng

EAS 338/POL 354/AMS 356Asian Wars, American Politics, Hollywood Cinema (SA) with David Leheny

This will be the first time in 20 years that a course is taught at Princeton is Asian American history. If you’re interested, check out the detailed description below.

**If you are interested in finding out more about Asian American studies at Princeton, check out the AASA website here.**

HIS 270/AMS 370 Asian American History

Cls# 42925/Lew-Williams) M, W 11-11:50

Princeton students have been fighting for the university to offer Asian American studies courses for four decades. Come find out why. This class will approach U.S. history from the racial margins of the nation, focusing on East Asian, South Asian, and Southeast Asian migrants and their descendants. Each lecture will consider both a topic and a question. Lectures will include: Chinese Exclusion (or Why did the United States invent border control to keep out the Chinese?); The Fragmented South Asian Diaspora (or Are Asian Americans between black and white?); The Model Minority (or How did Asian Americans become the “good” race?); and Transnational Asian Adoption (or What are the politics of coerced migration?). Students at all levels and from all fields are welcome.

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