1977 Asian Alumni Questionnaire – Page 1Page 2

1978 AASA Constitution

1981 AASA Message to Asian Students

1985 AASA Steering Committee Update

1990 History of AASA

1991-1993 Class Enrollment Diversity Figures

1993-1994 ASAM Committee Members

1994 Report of the Committee on Diversity and Liberal Education

1995 Petition for Asian American Studies

ASAM Protest Flyer

Asian American Studies Timeline 1985-1996

Draft Rationale for Asian American Studies

Demands of Sit-In

Franklin Odo Letter Supporting Protestors

Harvard ASAM Protest Pamphlet

HIS 410: Asians in American – Syllabus

History of Judicial Committee Punishments ’70-’90

Letter Informing Protestors of Punishment

Message by Asian American Student Task Force to Trustees

Message to Princeton Faculty by Student Protestors

Multicultural Newspaper (The Vigil) on the Sit-In

Nassau Weekly – Sit-In

Nassau Weekly – Yellow Fever – 2/2/1995

Notification of Protestors Charged in Sit-In

P-Safe Report on Sit-In

Princeton Weekly Bulletin About Odo ASAM Class

Professor Tchen Lecture Flyer 5/19/1995

Professor Odo Lecture Flyer 2/28/1995

Promise by Provost Goldfeld to Hire Asian American Studies Faculty

Proposed 1994 Asian American Seminar

Protestors’ Hearing Notes

Reporting on Sit-In by Major Newspapers

Ronald Takaki Visits Princeton

President Shapiro’s Letter on Admissions Equality

President Shapiro’s Statement on the Sit-In

Sit-In Chants

The NY Times Decries Sit-In

Letter from Provost Goldfeld to the Daily Princetonian regarding the sit-in.


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